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In Spring we decided to offer our costumers a brand new opportunity: A new project which included F.lli Dinacci jewellery mounts,

Now we are proud to introduce you a new partners of us Graziella luxury accessories

It all started with a brand new partnership we've developed not only because some of our customers requested it but also due to the historical friendly cooperation we have with the Dinacci family. This is why we are very proud to support and insert in our catalogue Dinacci's mounts, doing, our best to mantain our high standards of services  you've always experienced.

From now on, the customers of  Giannotti Diffusione' store will continue to benefit from all the different services we've always offered and not just  with our products but with our partner's catalogue too. WE STRIVE TO FIND MORE AND BETTER INNOVATIVE WAYS TO OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS GREAT BENEFITS.

From today:

  1. A wider range of goods thanks to new catalogue products, with semi-finished products and accessories from our partners.
  2. stock availability extended also to our partners warehouses to continue offering you the maximum supply speed
  3. multi-brand orders, only one shipment with evident saving on costs;
  4. Easy availability of articles. Without this, they would be difficult to trace,
  5. All the comforts and advantages of a store that has been going  for years and still striving to improve, every day.

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Do you want to join Giannotti Diffusione and sell your products here? Find out  all the advantages here!

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